Our customers come from different industries with years cooperating, they told us what they really need is a packaging partner to provide on-stop packaging solution to help them save time, reduce cost and boost sale. That’s why we strive everyday to improve our service in packaging solution.
What can we do about One-stop Packaging Solution for you:
(1)OEM/ODM Service:

If you have a team to design the size, material, struture, design of the packaging, you just need to provide the design or sample to us, we can make superior quality packaging for you. If you don’t have a team to do the design jobs, just tell us when and how the packaging will be used, so that we can provide the most professional solution for you including: size, material, srtucture design, surface effect, quantity, etc.

(2)One-stop Packaging Supplier:

Most customers need to purchase many kinds of packaging from different suppliers, which would make the jobs take long time, high cost and complicated. To make the jobs more convinient and easier, our supply chain covers serval kinds of packaging like paper packaging, bioderadable packaging, plastic packaging, flexible packaging, etc. Therefore, we can do it better in meeting packaging demands of customers from food service industry, apparel industry, personal care indusrty and so on.

(3)Special Service:

Considering the special needs of many customers, we provide longtime partnership service such as pre-stocking  based on annual cooperation to offset material price instability, split shipment, free sample share, free mould fee and low cost storage.

(4)Packaging Planing:

We’d love to hear more about your brand story and excited business plan. So that we can provide you with professional packaging planing to help you achieve goal of market.